Brochure Design

What we need from you

Brochure copy in digital form (Microsoft Word, TXT, e-mail, etc). We also require any artwork that you want added as well as any photography that you have on hand. You may wish to utilize stock photography – additional licensing fees may apply – and we can help you with that through several agencies that we have subscriptions with. We'll also need a vector based version of your logo (EPS, Adobe Illustrator, etc). If you do not have a vector version available, we can always create one, using your source files, as a Logo Repair. Additional charges apply.


Our Brochure Design package includes the creation of your Brochure artwork and delivery of a print-ready imposition file. You'll end up with access to all the digital files you require, including the formats that you can use for printing your Brochure utilizing your local printer. Included are:

EPS (Encapsulated Postscript) & AI Files

The vector based source files of any design work by Omega Dezine. This file is generally the format used by quality printers. For color matching accuracy of spot color brochures, we use the Pantone Matching System (PMS). For print color reference, Pantone Color Guides are available at better local printers. These files are editable, but require access to professional design software such as Adobe Illustrator. For full color brochures, we will set up your artwork in CMYK. This will be necessary if you want us to add color photography to your Brochure Design.

PDF (Adobe Portable Document Files) Formats

Cross platform files do not require any elaborate software to open other than the free PDF reader available from Adobe (chances are you already have the reader installed in your web browser). These print-ready files are also web friendly and can be stored, and made available for download from your website. These files are also small enough to be e-mailed. PDF files contain all the fonts and artwork that your printer will need. May be editable depending on font licensing.

Depending on the type of brochure you order, we may also supply you with Quark and/or In Design files complete with supporting artwork (photography, etc) in either Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop formats.

PDF Files (set up for letterhead size)

Adobe Portable Document Files are compatible with most computer applications and software. Can be used for internal office use and/or printing, but if your artwork bleeds, you may have to have a separate version created to compensate for the margins and live area of most personal and office desktop printers. Nominal charges may apply.

TIFF and/or JPG Files

Sometimes requested by online printing firms who are 'gang printing' your brochure on a large sheet with other similar printing jobs. While not recommended by Omega Dezine, this is a common method employed by discount printers. For online printers who utilize vector-based files for high quality results

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